Game And Nature


Ez Zeraf Game Reserve is a 675,000-hectare (1,670,000-acre) protected area in northern South Sudan. It was designated in 1939 when the area was within Sudan. Located within the Sudd Ramsar site, Ez Zeraf is a IUCN Category VI site with mostly seasonally flooded grassland and woodland landscape.[1] It is internationally important for its large mammal concentrations. It was gazetted in 1939 along with Fanikang Game Reserve to protect Nile Lechwe and Sitatunga. It is also home to Hippopotamus.[

Boma National Park is a protected area in eastern South Sudan near the Ethiopian border. It was established in 1986 and covers 22,800 km2 (8,800 sq mi) of grasslands and floodplains. The park is an important refuge for white-eared kob, tiang and Mongalla gazelle. Other large mammals are buffalo, elephant, African leopard, Nubian giraffe, oryx, hartebeest, Sudan cheetah, common eland, Lelwel hartebeest, maneless zebra, waterbuck, Grant’s gazelle, Lesser kudu, bongo, Giant eland, East African lion, and Nile lechwe. It is also an important bird area: avifauna includes Ruppell’s vulture and the black-chested snake eagle.

Lantoto National Park is a protected area in southwestern South Sudan on the border with the DRC. The park has an area of 760 km2 (290 sq mi) and is predominantly woodland, forest and open glades. The park was named by the Sudan’s central government in the Wildlife Act of 1986 and Wildlife Conservation and National Parks Act of 2003. As of 2012 the boundaries of the park have not been demarcated


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